My experience:

1xRAID10 for postgres
1xRAID1 for OS + WAL

Jeff Frost wrote:
Now that we've hashed out which drives are quicker and more money equals faster...

Let's say you had a server with 6 separate 15k RPM SCSI disks, what raid option would you use for a standalone postgres server?

a) 3xRAID1 - 1 for data, 1 for xlog, 1 for os?
b) 1xRAID1 for OS/xlog, 1xRAID5 for data
c) 1xRAID10 for OS/xlong/data
d) 1xRAID1 for OS, 1xRAID10 for data
e) .....

I was initially leaning towards b, but after talking to Josh a bit, I suspect that with only 4 disks the raid5 might be a performance detriment vs 3 raid 1s or some sort of split raid10 setup.

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