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Thanks for the note. Please see my responses below:


We are using JDBC which supports 'inserts' and 'transactions'. We are

using both. The business logic adds one business object at a time. Each
object is added within its own transaction. Each object add results in 5
records in various tables in the the database. So, a commit is performed
after every 5 inserts.

Well, 5 inserts per commit is pretty low. It would be nice to see more
like 100 inserts per commit. Would it be possible during the "discovery"
phase to put the begin/commit logic a little bit higher?
Remember, each COMMIT requires at least one fsync. (I realize you have
fsync off for now). But commit is pretty expensive.

Also, it sounds like you have a foreign key issue. That as things fill
up, the foreign key reference checks are slowing you down.
Are you using ANALYZE as you go? A lot of times when you only have <1000

rows a sequential scan is faster than using an index, and if you don't
inform postgres that you have more rows, it might still use the old

This could be the issue. I will start 'analyze' in a cron job. I will

update you with the results.

There are other possibilities, but it would be nice to know about your
table layout, and possibly an EXPLAIN ANALYZE of the inserts that are
going slow.


PS> I don't know if JDBC supports COPY, but it certainly should support

Let us know if ANALYZE helps. If you are not deleting or updating
anything, you probably don't need to do VACUUM ANALYZE, but you might
think about it. It is a little more expensive since it has to go to
every tuple, rather than just a random sampling.


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