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> On Wednesday 20 April 2005 17:50, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> Anjan Dave wrote:
>> > In terms of vendor specific models -
>> >
>> > Does anyone have any good/bad experiences/recommendations for a
>> > 4-way Opteron from Sun (v40z, 6 internal drives) or HP (DL585 5
>> > internal drives) models?
>> >
>> > This is in comparison with the new Dell 6850 (it has PCIexpress,
>> > faster FSB 667MHz, which doesn't match up with AMD's total IO
>> > bandwidth, but much better than previous 6650s).
>> Dell cuts too many corners to be a good server.
> Hi
> Which corners do Dell cut compared to the competition ?

They seem to be buying the "cheapest components of the week" such that
they need to customize BIOSes to make them work as opposed to getting
the "Grade A" stuff that works well out of the box.

We got a bunch of quad-Xeon boxes in; the MegaRAID controllers took
plenty o' revisits from Dell folk before they got sorta stable.  

Dell replaced more SCSI drives on their theory that the problem was
bad disks than I care to remember.  And if they were sufficiently
suspicious of the disk drives for that, that tells you that they don't
trust the disk they're selling terribly much, which leaves me even
less reassured...
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