On 22 Apr 2005, at 06:57, Tom Lane wrote:
Bill Chandler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Client is reporting that the size of an index is
greater than the number of rows in the table (1.9
million vs. 1.5 million).

This thread seems to have wandered away without asking the critical question "what did you mean by that?"

It's not possible for an index to have more rows than there are in
the table unless something is seriously broken.  And there aren't
any SQL operations that let you inspect an index directly anyway.
So: what is the actual observation that led you to the above
conclusion?  Facts, please, not inferences.

I work for the client in question. Glad you picked up on that point. I covered the detail in my my post "How can an index be larger than a table" on 21 Apr. 2005. I guess I was too detailed, and too much info put people off.

quoting from there...

|SELECT relname, relkind, reltuples, relpages FROM pg_class WHERE
relname LIKE 'dave_data%';
|relname                                relkind reltuples relpages
|======================================= ======= ========= ========
|dave_data_update_events                r       1593600.0 40209
|dave_data_update_events_event_id_key   i       1912320.0 29271
|dave_data_update_events_event_id_seq   S       1.0       1
|dave_data_update_events_lds_idx        i       1593600.0 6139
|dave_data_update_events_obj_id_idx     i       1593600.0 6139
|iso_pjm_data_update_events_obj_id_idx  i       1593600.0 6139

Note that there are only 1593600 rows in the table, so why the 1912320

Of course I checked that the row count was correct...

|select count(*) from iso_pjm_data_update_events
|Aggregate  (cost=60129.00..60129.00 rows=1 width=0) (actual
time=35933.292..35933.293 rows=1 loops=1)
|  ->  Seq Scan on iso_pjm_data_update_events  (cost=0.00..56145.00
rows=1593600 width=0) (actual time=0.213..27919.497 rows=1593600
|Total runtime: 35933.489 ms


|select count(*) from iso_pjm_data_update_events

so it's not that there are any undeleted rows lying around

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