On Apr 21, 2005, at 11:33 PM, Shoaib Burq (VPAC) wrote:

BTW I guess should mention that I am doing the select count(*) on a View.

A bit of a silly question...
but are you actually selecting all the rows from this query in production or would it be more selective? ie select * from bigslowview where bah = 'snort'?

Ran the Explain analyse with the nestedloop disabled but it was taking
forever... and killed it after 30mins.

If it takes too long you can run just plain explain (no analyze) and it will show you the plan. This is nearly always instant... it'll give you a clue as to if your setting changes did anything.

You may need to end up breaking some parts of this up into subqueries. I've had to do this before. I had one query that just ran too dang slow as a join so I modified it into a subquery type deal. Worked great. However since you are selecting ALL rows I doubt that will help much.

Another option may be to use materialized views. Not sure how "dynamic" your data model is. It could help.


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