Hi all again,

My next queststion is dedicated to blobs in my Webapplication (using Tomcat 5 and JDBC
integrated a the J2EE Appserver JBoss).

Filesystems with many Filesystem Objects can slow down the Performance at opening
and reading Data.

Which filesystems? I know ext2 used to have issues with many-thousands of files in one directory, but that was a directory scanning issue rather than file reading.

My Question:
Can i speedup my Webapplication if i store my JPEG Images with small
sizes inside my PostgreSQL Database (on verry large Databasis over 1 GByte
and above without Images at this time!)

No. Otherwise the filesystem people would build their filesystems on top of PostgreSQL not the other way around. Of course, if you want image updates to be part of a database transaction, then it might be worth storing them in the database.

I hope some Peoples can give me a Tip or Hint where in can
some usefull Information about it!

Look into having a separate server (process or actual hardware) to handle requests for static text and images. Keep the Java server for actually processing data.

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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