I have asked some Peoples on the List an some one has posted this links


It is quite usefull to read but iam not sure thadt theese Trick is verry helpfull.

I want to splitt my 1GByte Table into some little Partitions but how should i do thadt?
With the ORACLE Partitioning Option, i can Configurering my Table withe Enterprise
Manager or SQL Plus but in this case it looks like Trap.

Should i really decrease my Tabledata size and spread them to other Tables with the
same Structure by limiting Records???

The next Problem i see, how should i do a Insert/Update/Delete on 4 Tables of the
same Structure at one Query???

No missunderstanding. We talking not about normalization or restructuring the Colums
of a table. We talking about Partitioning and in this case at Postgres (emultation
of Partitioning wir UNIONS for Performance tuning)..

From your description I don't see evidence that you should need to partition your table at all. A 1GB table is very common for pgsql. Spend some hard disks on your storage subsystem and you'll gain the performance you want, without trouble on the SQL side. For specific requirements, you might see improvements from partial indexes.


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