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> Hi, Josh,
> Josh Berkus wrote:
> > Yes, actually.   We need 3 different estimation methods:
> > 1 for tables where we can sample a large % of pages (say, >= 0.1)
> > 1 for tables where we sample a small % of pages but are "easily
> estimated"
> > 1 for tables which are not easily estimated by we can't afford to
> sample a 
> > large % of pages.
> > 
> > If we're doing sampling-based estimation, I really don't want
> people to lose 
> > sight of the fact that page-based random sampling is much less
> expensive than 
> > row-based random sampling.   We should really be focusing on
> methods which 
> > are page-based.

Okay, although given the track record of page-based sampling for
n-distinct, it's a bit like looking for your keys under the streetlight,
rather than in the alley where you dropped them :-)

How about applying the distinct-sampling filter on a small extra data
stream to the stats collector? 

Engineers think equations approximate reality.
Physicists think reality approximates the equations.
Mathematicians never make the connection.

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