I understand that when a table contains only a few rows it is better to do a sequence scan than an index scan. But is this also for a table with 99 records?

A table contains
id                                          integer (primary key)
name                                    varchar(70)
parent                                   integer
comment                              text
owner                                  integer
inheritAccess                       integer
defaultAccess                      integer
sequence                              bigint
contentsinheritaccessmove   integer
contentsinheritaccessadd      integer

explain select * from tblFolders where id=90; QUERY PLAN ----------------------------------------------------------- Seq Scan on tblfolders (cost=0.00..3.24 rows=1 width=50) Filter: (id = 90)

(I have analyze table bit still a sequence scan).

With how manys rows it is ok to do an index scan or sequence scan? How is this calculated in pg?


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