How can i know a capacity of a pg database ?
How many records my table can have ?
I saw in a message that someone have 50 000 records it's possible in a table ?
(My table have 8 string field (length 32 car)).
Thanks for your response.


The capacity for a PG database is just the limit of how much disk space you have. There are people who have 100 million or even up to a billion rows in one table. If you are in the billions you have to take some care about OID wraparound, but at the very least the maximum number of rows in one table is at least 2Billion.

With 8 string fields and 32 chars each, if they are all filled, you will
take about (32+4)*8 = 324 + overhead bytes each, so I would estimate
about 400 per. If we add a whole lot to be safe, and say 1k per row, you
can fit 1Million rows in 1GB of disk space. There is more taken up by
indexes, etc.

Generally, you are disk limited, not limited by Postgres.


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