Hi Dan,

I tried to understand your query, but I couldn't get my understanding of the query and your description in sync.

Why do you use sub selects? Wouldn't a simple "recordtext like '%RED%'" do the trick too?

You combine all your where conditions with and. To me this looks like you get only rows with RED and CORVETTE.

From your description I would rewrite the query as

explain analyze
select distinct
    ea.recordtext as retdata,
    ea join em using(incidentid) join eg using(incidentid)
        em.entrydate >= '2005-1-1 00:00'::date
    and em.entrydate <= '2005-5-9 00:00'::date
    and (  recordtext like '%RED%' or recordtext like '%CORVETTE%'  )
order by em.entrydate

That should give you all rows containing one of the words. Does it work? Is is faster? Is it fast enough?


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