> Greg,
> I posted this link under a different thread (the $7k server thread).  It is
> a very good read on why SCSI is better for servers than ATA.  I didn't note
> bias, though it is from a drive manufacturer.  YMMV.  There is an
> interesting, though dated appendix on different manufacturers' drive
> characteristics.
> http://www.seagate.com/content/docs/pdf/whitepaper/D2c_More_than_Interface_ATA_vs_SCSI_042003.pdf

I have read this and it is an _excellent_ read about disk drives.  The
bottom line is that the SCSI/IDE distinctions is more of an indicator of
the drive, rather than the main feature of the drive.  The main feature
is that certain drives are Enterprise Storage and are designed for high
reliability and speed, while Personal Server drives are designed for low
cost.  The IDE/SCSI issue is only an indicator of this.

There are a lot more variabilities between these two types of drives
than I knew.  I recommend it for anyone who is choosing drives for a

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