> Memcached is a PG memory store, I gather,

Nope.  It's a hyperfast resident-in-memory hash that allows you to stash stuff 
like user session information and even materialized query set results.  
Thanks to SeanC, we even have a plugin, pgmemcached.

> but...what is squid, lighttpd? 
> anything directly PG-related?

No.   These are all related to making the web server do more.   The idea is 
NOT to hit the database every time you have to serve up a web page, and 
possibly not to hit the web server either.  For example, you can use squid 3 
for "reverse" caching in front of your web server, and serve far more page 
views than you could with Apache alone.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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