Thanks for the post - I think I am getting this problem for
a synthetic workload at high connection loads. The whole
system seems to stop.

Can you give some examples on what to try out in the .conf file?

I tried
bgwriter_all_percent =  30, 10, and 3

Which I understand to mean 30%, 10% and 3% of the dirty pages should be
written out *between* checkpoints.

I didn't see any change in effect.

Don C.

Tom Lane wrote:

"Mindaugas Riauba" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

It looks like that not only vacuum causes our problems. vacuum_cost
seems to lower vacuum impact but we are still noticing slow queries "storm".
We are logging queries that takes >2000ms to process.
And there is quiet periods and then suddenly 30+ slow queries appears in
log within the same second. What else could cause such behaviour?

Checkpoints? You should ensure that the checkpoint settings are such that checkpoints don't happen too often (certainly not oftener than every five minutes or so), and make sure the bgwriter is configured to dribble out dirty pages at a reasonable rate, so that the next checkpoint doesn't have a whole load of stuff to write.

                        regards, tom lane

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