I am using postgresql in small (almost trivial) application in which I pull some data out of a Cobol C/ISAM file and write it into a pgsl table. My users can then use the data however they want by interfacing to the data from OpenOffice.org.

The amount of data written is about 60MB and takes a few minutes on a 1200Mhz Athlon with a single 60MB IDE drive running Fedora Core 3 with pgsql 7.4.7. I'd like to speed up the DB writes a bit if possible. Data integrity is not at all critical as the database gets dropped, created, and populated immediately before each use. Filesystem is ext3, data=ordered and I need to keep it that way as there is other data in the filesystem that I do care about. I have not done any tuning in the config file yet, and was wondering what things would likely speed up writes in this situation.

I'm doing the writes individually. Is there a better way? Combining them all into a transaction or something?

Steve Bergman

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