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64-bit PG 8.0.2. is up and running on AIX5.3/power5

YES! ! !

The major thing:  setting some quirky LDFLAGS.

Anyone interested in details, please ping.

Thanks to Nick Addington, Vincent Vanwynsberghe, my SA, Sergey,
and Tom Lane (for good-natured nudging)

My Next Task: Finding a Stress Test Harness to Load, and Query Data.

Anyone have ideas?

I am eagerly awaiting the DESTRUCTION of Oracle around here, and
"yes" I am an oracle DBA and think it's very good technology.


Ross Mohan

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they're all over the place, repeated in different
libraries, kind of a pain. Didn't realize that. I'll
just give linker a bunch of LIBPATH and LIBNAME directives
and have it run around.

# ar -t ./postgresql-8.0.2/src/interfaces/ecpg/ecpglib/libecpg.a | egrep 'dirmod|path|pgstr|pgsleep'        

# ar -t ./postgresql-8.0.2/src/interfaces/ecpg/pgtypeslib/libpgtypes.a | egrep 'dirmod|path|pgstr|pgsleep' pgstrcasecmp.o

# ar -t ./postgresql-8.0.2/src/interfaces/libpq/libpq.a | egrep 'dirmod|path|pgstr|pgsleep'              

# ar -t ./postgresql-8.0.2/src/port/libpgport.a | egrep 'dirmod|path|pgstr|pgsleep'          

# ar -t ./postgresql-8.0.2/src/port/libpgport_srv.a | egrep 'dirmod|path|pgstr|pgsleep' dirmod_srv.o path.o pgsleep.o pgstrcasecmp.o

I **really** want this in 64bit......funny this problem only shows up in 64, not 32 mode. <sigh>

Thanks for commenting --- That's ALWAYS welcome!

-- Ross

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"Mohan, Ross" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> So Close, Yet So Far!

The specific symbols being complained of should be in libpgport_srv (see src/port).  Dunno why your platform is ignoring that library.  When you find out, let us know ;-)

                        regards, tom lane

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