> I think you really want that seqscan to be an indexscan, instead.
> I'm betting this is PG 7.4.something?  If so, probably the only
> way to make it happen is to simplify the now() expression to a constant:
>             SELECT COALESCE( SUM( iNumSent ), 0 ) AS iNumSent
>             FROM adaption.tblBatchHistory_\' || this_rServerIds.iId || \'
>             WHERE tStamp > \\\'' || (now() - interval \'5 mins\')::text ||
>             \'\\\'\';

The dollar sign thing would be a lot easier. I can't get this to work.
I'm using a db manager where I can just use ' instead of \'. How would
it look for that? In other words, it doesn't have the "create or
replace function as ' --stuff ' language 'plpgsql'" it just has the
actual function. Makes things a little easier. I'm getting an error at
or near "5".

> because pre-8.0 the planner won't realize that the inequality is
> selective enough to favor an indexscan, unless it's comparing to
> a simple constant.
> (BTW, 8.0's dollar quoting makes this sort of thing a lot less painful)
>                         regards, tom lane


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