Would I be correct in assuming that the following two indexes are completely redundant except for the fact that one complains about uniqueness constraint violations and the other does not?

Or is there are legitimate use for having BOTH indexes?

I'm trying to figure out if it's okay to delete the non-unique index.
(I have a bunch of tables suffering this malady from some problematic application code).

    Table "public.erf"
     Column |  Type   | Modifiers
     rid    | integer | not null
     cid    | integer | not null
    Indexes: erf_rid_key unique btree (rid),
             erf_rid_idx btree (rid)

    Index "public.erf_rid_idx"
     Column |  Type
     rid    | integer
    btree, for table "public.erf"

    Index "public.erf_rid_key"
     Column |  Type
     rid    | integer
    unique, btree, for table "public.erf"

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