On Sun, 2005-05-29 at 16:17 -0400, Eric Lauzon wrote:
> I am still in the dark due to my lack of knowledge on internal OID 
> management,but
> i would presume that a table with OID enable and that has high load would 
> require
> some more work from pgsql internal to maintain the OID index for the database.
> So OID can be beneficial on static tables, or tables that you want to be able 
> to manipulate
> with pgadmin X , but can a table without OID increase performances on 
> insert,delete,update,COPY?
> I am not really worried about disk space that an OID collumn can take, but i 
> was wandering if an 
> insert in a table of 20 millions and more that has oid would slow the insert 
> process. Since OID seem
> to act as a global index mabey maintaning that index can become costy over 
> high table load by postgresql
> backend.

There is no OID index, unless you create one.

The disk space that an OID column can take has an effect on performance:
reducing the amount of physical disk reads will mean that more of your
real data is cached, and so forth.  How much effect it will have will
depend on the relative size of the OID column and the other columns in
your data.

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