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postgresql is open source and we also want it to be used in high performance areas. What's wrong with people telling on which machines they use it? I don't care about business details but techinal details would be quite interesting. In the end it is interesting to know how you need to tune postgresql on high end machines and how well they perform on the different highend platforms. This is meant to be more a field study and not a benchmark. We know that Opteron performs well but what are people actually using in high performance areas? Does postgresql run on an E10000? Who did it?



Dawid Kuroczko wrote:

On 6/2/05, Dirk Lutzebńck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I just got one reply for this survey. Is almost nobody using postgresql
on 8+ machines?

My guess is when someone is using PostgreSQL on 8+ machine, she's
in highly competitive (or sensitive) market and either cannot give
company's work details to everyone or simply doesn't want to.

Probably if you asked 'I am thinking about buying 8-way Opteron
box, does PostgreSQL have problems with such hardware' you
would get a response.

But surveys are awfully close to statistics and many people simply
doesn't like them.  (They say that 46.7% of statisticts are just made
up ;-)).


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