Mindaugas Riauba wrote:

AFAICT the vacuum is doing what it is supposed to, and the problem has
to be just that it's not being done often enough.  Which suggests either
an autovacuum bug or your autovacuum settings aren't aggressive enough.

 -D -d 1 -v 1000 -V 0.5 -a 1000 -A 0.1 -s 10

 That is autovacuum settings. Should be aggressive enough I think?

Might e aggressive enough, but might not. I have seen some people run -V 0.1. Also you probably don't need -A that low. This could an issue where analyze results in an inaccurate reltuples value which is preventing autovacuum from doing it's job. Could you please run it with -d 2 and show us the relevant log output.

Which PG version is this exactly?  Some of the earlier autovacuum
releases do have known bugs, so it'd be worth your while to update
if you're not on the latest point release of your series.


That should be fine.

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