Josh Berkus <> writes:
> Not that I've seen in testing so far.   Your improvements have, fortunately, 
> eliminated the penalty for allocating too much shared buffers as far as I can
> tell (at least, allocating 70,000 when gains stopped at 15,000 doesn't seem 
> to carry a penalty),

Cool, that's definitely a step forward ;-)

> Regarding 2GB memory allocation, though, we *could* really use support for 
> work_mem and maintenance_mem of > 2GB.   

Again, let's see some evidence that it's worth putting effort into that.
(Offhand it seems this is probably an easier fix than changing the
shared-memory allocation code; but conventional wisdom is that really
large values of work_mem are a bad idea, and I'm not sure I see the case
for maintenance_work_mem above 2Gb either.)

                        regards, tom lane

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