Kevin Grittner wrote:
The manager of the DBA team is reluctant to change both the OS and the
DBMS at the same time, so unless I can make a strong case for why it is
important to run postgresql under Linux, we will be running this on
Windows.  Currently, there are two Java-based middle tier processes
running on each central database server, one for the replication and one
for the web.  We expect to keep it that way, so the database needs to
play well with these processes.

Well, there's a lot more experience running PG on various *nix systems and a lot more help available. Also, I don't think performance on Windows is as good as on Linux/*BSD yet.

Against switching OS is the fact that you presumably don't have the skills in-house for it, and the hardware was chosen for Windows compatibility/performance.

Speaking of which, what sort of hardware are we talking about?

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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