Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:

First of all I noted that we were intending to use Opteron processors. I
guess this isn't a straightforward choice because I believe Debian (our
Linux of choice) doesn't have a stable AMD64 port. However some users on
this list suggest that Opterons work very well even in a 32 bit
environment. Some have suggested that a single dual core processor is
the way to go. The RAM needs to fit the CPU arrangement too; William
points out that one needs 2 DIMMS per CPU.

Your summary here just pointed out the obvious to me. Start with a 2P MB but only populate a single DC Opteron. That'll give you 2P system with room to expand to 4P in the future. Plus you only need to populate 1 memory bank so you can do 2x1GB.


I'm somewhat confused here. I've followed the various notes about SATA
vs SCSI and it seems that SCSI is the way to go. On a four-slot 1U
server, would one do a single RAID10 over 4 disks 10000rpm U320 disks?
I would run the database in its own partition, separate from the rest of
the OS, possible on LVM. An LSI-Megaraid-2 appears to be the card of

With only 4 disks, a MegaRAID U320-1 is good enough. It's quite a premium to go to the 2x channel MegaRAID. With 4 drives, I'd still do 2 big drives mirrored for the DB partition and 2 small drives for OS+WAL.

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