thanks for info. 

"...the RH supplied Postgres binary has issues..."

Would you have the time to provide a bit more info?
Version of PG? Nature of issues? Methods that resolved?

Thanks again, 

-- Ross

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I will second the nod to Penguin computing.  We have a bit of Penguin hardware 
here (though the majority is Dell).  We did have issues with one machine a 
couple of years ago, but Penguin was very pro-active in addressing that.

We recently picked up a Dual Opteron system from them and have been very 
pleased with it so far.  

I would be careful of the RHES that it ships with though.  We had machine 
lockups immediately after the suggested  kernel update (had to down grade 
manually).  Also, the RH supplied Postgres binary has issues, so you would need 
to compile Postgres yourself until the next RH update.

On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 14:39 -0700, Mischa Sandberg wrote:
> After reading the comparisons between Opteron and Xeon processors for 
> Linux, I'd like to add an Opteron box to our stable of Dells and 
> Sparcs, for comparison.
> IBM, Sun and HP have their fairly pricey Opteron systems.
> The IT people are not swell about unsupported purchases off ebay. 
> Anyone care to suggest any other vendors/distributors? Looking for 
> names with national support, so that we can recommend as much to our 
> customers.
> Many thanks in advance.
Richard Rowell
Bowman Systems
(318) 213-8780

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