Saranya Sivakumar wrote:
Hi All,

We are looking to upgrade to 8.0 from 7.3.2 on production server. The current production system we are using is


2 x 2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon CPU with HT(4 virtual CPUs)




Production DB size: 10.89 GB

Number of tables: 253

We are planning to get a new server/system and upgrade to 8.0 on it. What is the recommended system requirement for Postgres 8.0?

Please give me your inputs on this.




Let me be the first to recommend RAM. From what little I know so far I think it is still important to know more about what your database looks like and how is it used/accessed. Can you post some more information on the details of your database? Is it a few users with large datasets (like a research project) or many users with small data sets (like a website)?

See if that helps a bit. My first suggestion would be to simply increase your RAM to at least 2GB. Anything more would be beneficial up to the point of being able to load your entire DB into RAM (16GB RAM should allow for that plus other OS overhead).

Well, I'm relatively new so defer to others but this is my suggestion.

Best of luck!

Madison Kelly (Digimer)
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