> I've got a list of old resource requirements.
> I want to know how far off they are and if anything
> crucial is missing.  My usual recommendation is
> "as much as you can afford" so I don't usually deal
> with real numbers :)

These look very approximate.

> RAM:
>         Number of connections * 2MB

That's not a bad recommendation, but not an actual requirement.   It really 
depends on how much sort_mem you need.   Could vary from 0.5mb to as much 
as 256mb per connection, depending on your application.

> Disk:
>         Program and Manual 8-15MB
>         Regression Tests 30MB
>         Compiled Source 60-160MB

Well, my compiled source takes up 87mb, and the installed PostgreSQL seems 
to be about 41mb including WAL.  Not sure how much the regression tests 


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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