Karim Nassar wrote:
Your goal is admirable. However, many people tweak their postgresql.conf
files, and your program can't know whether or not this has happened. It
might be a good idea to have a var $do_db_optimization, which defaults
to on. Then, if your users have trouble or are advanced admins they can
turn it off. My personal opinion is that there are too many
architectures and configurations for you to accurately optimize inside
your program, and this gives you and your users an easy out.

if ($do_db_optimization == 1) {
  $DB->do("SET ENABLE_SEQSCAN TO OFF") || die...
} else {
  # do nothing -- postgresql will figure it out

That is a wonderful idea and I already have the foundation in place to easily implement this. Thanks!!


Madison Kelly (Digimer)
TLE-BU, The Linux Experience; Back Up

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