I've got some queries generated by my application that will, for some reason, run forever until I kill the pid. Yet, when I run the queries manually to check them out, they usually work fine. To get more information about these queries, I'm writing a utility to take snapshots of pg_stat_activity every 5 minutes. If it finds a query that runs for longer than 15 minutes, it will trap the query so I can run 'explain analyze' on it and see where the weakness is.

However, the problem I have is that pg_stat_activity only returns the first n (255?) characters of the SQL as "current_query", so it gets chopped off at the end. I would very much like to find out how I can get the *entire* query that is active. Is this possible?

Also, I'm sure some people will respond with "turn on query logging".. I've explored that option and the formatting of the log file and the fact that EVERY query is logged is not what I'm after for this project. The "infinite-running" queries are unpredictable and may only happen once a week. Logging 24/7 in anticipation of one of these occurrences is not something I'd like to do.


Dan Harris

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