Yves Vindevogel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Can anyone explain me this ?

> rvponp=# explain select * from tblprintjobs order by loginuser,  
> desceventdate, desceventtime offset 25 limit 25 ;
>                                      QUERY PLAN
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> -----------
>   Limit  (cost=349860.62..349860.68 rows=25 width=206)
>     ->  Sort  (cost=349860.56..351416.15 rows=622236 width=206)
>           Sort Key: loginuser, desceventdate, desceventtime
>           ->  Seq Scan on tblprintjobs  (cost=0.00..25589.36 rows=622236 
> width=206)
> (4 rows)

Do you have an index matching that sort key?  I'd certainly expect the
above to use it if it were there.  For the full table case it's not so
clear --- an indexscan isn't always better.

                        regards, tom lane

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