Amit V Shah wrote:
Hi all,

I have like a repository table with is very very huge with atleast a few
hundreds of millions, may be over that. The information is stored in form of
rows in these tables. I need to make that information wide based on some
grouping and display them as columns on the screen.

I am thinking of having a solution where I create views for each screen,
which are just read only.

However, I donot know if the query that creates the view is executed
everytime I select something from the view. Because if that is the case,
then I think my queries will again be slow. But if that is the way views
work, then what would be the point in creating them ..

That's exactly how they work. You'd still want them because they let you simplify access control (user A can only see some rows, user B can see all rows) or just make your queries simpler.

Sounds like you want what is known as a "materialised view" which is basically a summary table that is kept up to date by triggers. You query the table instead of actually recalculating every time. Perhaps google for "postgresql materialized view" (you might want a "z" or "s" in materialised).

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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