I only add records, and most of the values are "random"
Except the columns for dates, ....

On 21 Jun 2005, at 17:49, John A Meinel wrote:

Yves Vindevogel wrote:

And, after let's say a week, would that index still be optimal or
would it be a good idea to drop it in the weekend and recreate it.

It depends a little bit on the postgres version you are using. If you
are only ever adding to the table, and you are not updating it or
deleting from it, I think the index is always optimal.
Once you start deleting from it there are a few cases where older
versions would not properly re-use the empty entries, requiring a
REINDEX. (Deleting low numbers and always adding high numbers was one of
the cases)

However, I believe that as long as you vacuum often enough, so that the
system knows where the unused entries are, you don't ever have to drop
and re-create the index.


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