On 21 Jun 2005, at 18:13, Josh Berkus wrote:


Downtime is something I'd rather avoid if possible. Do you think we
will need to run VACUUM FULL occasionally? I'd rather not lock tables
up unless I cant avoid it. We can probably squeeze an automated
vacuum tied to our data inserters every now and then though.

As long as your update/deletes are less than 10% of the table for all time,
you should never have to vacuum, pending XID wraparound.

Hmm, I guess as we have hundreds of millions of rows, and when we do delete things, it's only a few thousand, and rarely. VACUUMing shouldn't need to happen too often. Thats good. Thanks a lot for the advice.

Is this an 8.0 thing? I don't have a pg_controldata from what I can
see. Thats nice to hear though.

'fraid so, yes.

Bloody Debian stable. I might have to experiment with building from source or using alien on debian to convert the rpms. Fun. Oh well.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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