-I also changed now() to current_time, which increased performance quite good. I need to make further tests, before I'll post any results.
-I tried to change now()- interval 'x hours' to like 2005-06-22 16:00:00+02. This also increased the performance.
changing to time > '2005-06-22 16:00:00+02' (or what ever date is 24 hours back) or time > current_time - interval '24 hours' will be used.
I'm running FreeBSD 4.11, and im editing the file in /usr/local/etc/postgresql.conf, but it doesnt help. When i start up "psql database", none of the options are changed (with a restart of the postmaster). I cant find a '--configuration=path/file' option for the postmaster either...
Kjell Tore
On 6/22/05, Tobias Brox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[Kjell Tore Fossbakk - Wed at 07:41:54AM -0700]
> I cant get the config file to load into my postgres. that's the
> problem. I want to set it to 10k, but it is only still at 1000... I
> save the file and restart the service..
> yes, i ment 'pg_ctl reload', sry about that one.

Classical problem, a bit depending on the distro you are using.

The "master" file usually resides in /etc/postgresql while the actual file
used usually resides in /var/lib/postgres/data ... or something.  Some
distros copies over the file (such that one always should edit the file in
/etc) others don't (thus you either have to do that your self, or edit the
file in the database data directory.

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