Milan Sekanina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> We are running an application that uses psqlodbc driver on Windows XP to 
> connect to a server and for some reason the download of data from the 
> server is very slow. We have created a very simple test application that 
> inserts a larger amount of data into the database and uses a simple 
> "SELECT * from test" to download it back. The INSERT of 10MB takes about 
> 4 seconds, while the SELECT takes almost 5 minutes (with basically 
> nothing else running on both the network and the two computers). If we 
> run the PostgreSQL server on the local machine so that the network is 
> not used, both actions are very fast.

I seem to recall having seen similar reports not involving ODBC at all.
Try searching the mailing-list archives, but I think the cases we solved
involved getting rid of third-party add-ons to the Windows TCP stack.

                        regards, tom lane

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