Emil Briggs wrote:

I'm working with an application where the database is entirely resident in RAM
(the server is a quad opteron with 16GBytes of memory). It's a web
application and handles a high volume of queries. The planner seems to be
generating poor  plans for some of our queries which I can fix by raising
cpu_tuple_cost. I have seen some other comments in the archives saying that
this is a bad idea  but is that necessarily the case when the database is
entirely resident in RAM?


Generally, the key knob to twiddle when everything fits in RAM is
random_page_cost. If you truly have everything in RAM you could set it
almost to 1. 1 means that it costs exactly the same to go randomly
through the data then it does to go sequential. I would guess that even
in RAM it is faster to go sequential (since you still have to page and
deal with L1/L2/L3 cache, etc). But the default random_page_cost of 4 is
probably too high for you.


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