Did you vacuum full?

When you do lots of inserts and deletes, dead tuples get left behind. When you vacuum, postgres will reuse those dead tuples, but if you don't vacuum for a long time these tuples will build up lots. Even when you vacuum in this case, the dead tuples are still there, although they are marked for reuse. Vacuuming full actually removes the dead tuples.

If you vacuum (normal) regularly, then the number of dead tuples will stay down, as they are regularly marked for reuse.


Enrico Weigelt wrote:
* Enrico Weigelt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

forgot to mention:

    + linux-2.6.9
    + postgres-7.4.6
    + intel celeron 2ghz
    + intel ultra ata controller
    + 768mb ram


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Software Engineer

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