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> >     For Python it's the reverse : the MySQL driver is slow and dumb, 
> >     and the  postgres driver (psycopg 2) is super fast, handles all 
> > quoting, 
> > and knows  about type conversions, it will automatically convert a 
> > Python List into a  postgres Array and do the right thing with quoting, 
> > and it works both ways  (ie you select a TEXT[] you get a list of 
> > strings all parsed for you). It  knows about all the postgres types (yes 
> > even numeric <=> python Decimal)  and you can even add your own types. 
> > That's really cool, plus the  developer is a friendly guy.
> Is there anything similar for java ?

The postgres JDBC driver is very good-- refer to pgsql-jdbc mailing list
or look at jdbc.postgresql.org.  I've had only limited experience with
the mysql jdbc driver, but it seemed servicable enough, if you can live
with their licensing and feature set.

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