Enrico Weigelt wrote:
Bruno Wolff III wrote:

This gets brought up a lot. The problem is that the index doesn't include
information about whether the current transaction can see the referenced
row. Putting this information in the index will add significant overhead
to every update and the opinion of the developers is that this would be
a net loss overall.

wouldn't it work well to make this feature optionally for each index ? There could be some flag on the index (ie set at create time) which tells postgres whether to store mvcc information.

There is no reason to assume it can't work.

There is little reason to assume that it will be the best solution in many circumstances.

There is a big reason why people are sceptical: there is no patch.

The issue has been debated and beaten to death. People have formed their opinions and are unlikely to change their position. If you want to convince people, your best bet is to submit a patch and have OSDL measure the performance improvement.


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