We are running Postgres 8.0.2 with the 8.0.2 jdbc
driver.  And yes we are using prepared statements. 
I've spent hours trying to get the
'log_min_duration_statement' and 'log_duration'
options to work with no luck.  I never get any
duration from the statement.  I also never see 'begin'
or 'commit' in the log so I can't tell how long my
batch commands are taking to commit to the DB.

Is there a different kind of 'prepared' statements
that we should be using in the driver to get logging
to work properly?  What is the 'new' protocol?

Tom, what version are you using?  Are you using
prepared statements in JDBC?


--- Christopher Kings-Lynne

> >> we are using jdbc -- the
> "log_min_duration_statement = 3000 " 
> >> statement works fine for me.  Looks like there's
> no other work around 
> >> for the bug(?).  Not sure since I have no
> interest in logging a 
> >> million statements a day, I only want to see the
> poorly performing hits. 
> > 
> > Doesn't it depend on what jdbc driver you are
> using?
> It depends if he's using new-protocol prepared
> queries which don't get 
> logged properly.  Wasn't that fixed for 8.1 or
> something?
> Chris
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