What is the load average on this machine? Do you do many updates? If you do a lot of updates, perhaps you haven't vacuumed recently. We were seeing similar symptoms when we started load testing our stuff and it turned out we were vacuuming too infrequently.


Dennis wrote:
Qingqing Zhou wrote:

Are you sure 100% CPU usage is solely contributed by Postgresql? Also, from the ps status you list, I can hardly see that's a problem because of problem
you mentioned below.
The postgreSQL processes are what is taking up all the cpu. There aren't any other major applications on the machine. Its a dedicated database server, only for this application.

It doesn't seem to make sense that PostgreSQL would be maxed out at this point. I think given the size of the box, it could do quite a bit better. So, what is going on? I don't know.


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