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Dawid Kuroczko wrote:
| If you still have a chance, could you do tests with other journaling
| options for ext3 (journal=writeback, journal=data)?  And could you
| give figures about performace of other IO elevators?  I mean, you
| wrote that anticipatory is much wore -- how much worse? :)  Could
| you give numbers for deadline,anticipatory,cfq elevators? :)
| And, additionally would it be possible to give numbers for bonnie++
| results?  To see how does pgbench to bonnie++ relate?

Hello, list.

I've been thinking on this one for a while - I'm not sure as to what
ratio pgbench has with regard to stressing CPU vs. I/O. There is one
thing that's definitely worth mentioning though: in the tests that I've
been doing with bonnie++ and iozone at my former job, while building a
distributed indexing engine, jfs was the one filesystem with the least
strain on the CPU, which might be one of the deciding factors in making
it look good for a particular workload.

I'm afraid I don't have any concrete figures to offer as the material
itself was classified. I can tell though that we've been comparing it
with both ext2 and ext3, as well as xfs, and notably, xfs was the worst
CPU hog of all. The CPU load difference between jfs and xfs was about
10% in favor of jfs in all random read/write tests, and the interesting
thing is, jfs managed to shuffle around quite a lot of data: the
mbps/cpu% ratio in xfs was much worse. As expected, there wasn't much
difference in block transfer tests, but jfs was slightly winning in the
area of CPU consumption and slightly lagging in the transfer rate field.

What is a little bit concerning though, is the fact that some Linux
distributors like SuSE have removed jfs support from their admin tooling
<quote>due to technical problems with jfs</quote>

I'm curious as to what this means - did they have problems integrating
it into their toolchain or are there actual problems going on in jfs

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