On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 15:08 +1000, Alison Winters wrote:
> Hi,
> Our application requires a number of processes to select and update rows
> from a very small (<10 rows) Postgres table on a regular and frequent
> basis.  These processes often run for weeks at a time, but over the

Are these long running transactions or is the process issuing many short

If your transaction lasts a week, then a daily vacuum isn't really doing

I presume you also run ANALYZE in some shape or form periodically?

> space of a few days we find that updates start getting painfully slow.
> We are running a full vacuum/analyze and reindex on the table every day,

If they're short transactions, run vacuum (not vacuum full) every 100 or
so updates. This might even be once a minute.

Analyze periodically as well.


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