Hello all

  I'm running a postgres 7.4.5, on a dual 2.4Ghz Athlon, 1Gig RAM and
an 3Ware SATA raid. Currently the database is only 16G with about 2
tables with 500000+ row, one table 200000+ row and a few small
tables. The larger tables get updated about every two hours. The
problem I having with this server (which is in production) is the disk
IO. On the larger tables I'm getting disk IO wait averages of
~70-90%. I've been tweaking the linux kernel as specified in the
PostgreSQL documentations and switched to the deadline
scheduler. Nothing seems to be fixing this. The queries are as
optimized as I can get them. fsync is off in an attempt to help
preformance still nothing. Are there any setting I should be look at
the could improve on this???

Thanks for and help in advance.


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