I am, and it is.  It's ANALYZING and VACUUM'ing tables every interval (5 minutes
- 8.0.3).  Right now, for that last 4 hours, I'm not VACUUMing the 7.4.1
database and it's still clicking along at < .2 second queries.  Last year
(7.4.1), I noticed that it took about a week of heavy activity (for this DB)
before I'd really need a vacuum.  That's when I put in the 5 min cron.

When I first switched over to 8.0.3, I was still running the cron vacuum.  I got
into big trouble when I had vacuum's backed up for 6 hours.  That's when I
started noticing the query problem, and the CS numbers being high.  7.4.1
vacuums every 5 minutes always take < 30 seconds (when I'm watching).


When grilled further on (Sun, 17 Jul 2005 23:48:20 -0400),
"Matthew T. O'Connor" <matthew@zeut.net> confessed:

> Robert Creager wrote:
> >For 8.03, pg_autovacuum is running.  On 7.4.1, I set up a cron job to vacuum
> >analyze every 5 minutes.
> >  
> >
> Are you sure that pg_autovacuum is doing it's job?  Meaning are you sure 
> it's vacuuming as often as needed?  Try to run it with -d2 or so and 
> make sure that it is actually doing the vacuuming needed.

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