> Subject: [PERFORM] What is best way to stream terabytes of 
> data into postgresql?
> Preferably via JDBC, but by C/C++ if necessary.
> Streaming being the operative word.
> Tips appreciated.


We granted our Java Loader to the Bizgres Open Source,

You can load from STDIN instead of a file, as long as you prepend the
stream with the Loader Control file, for example:

for name in customer orders lineitem partsupp supplier part;do;cat
TPCH_load_100gb_${name}.ctl /mnt/<remote-host>/TPCH-Data/${name}.tbl.* |
loader.sh -h localhost -p 10001 -d tpch -t -u mpp; done

You can also run the loader from a remote host as well, with the "-h"
<host> being the target system with the Postgres database.

If you have terabytes of data, you might want to set a batch size (-b
switch) to commit occasionally.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.



Frank Wosczyna
Systems Engineer
Greenplum / Bizgres MPP

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