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The price of Reg ECC is not significantly higher than regular ram at
this point.  Plus if you go with super fast 2-2-2-6 then it's actualy
more than good ol 2.5 Reg ECC.

Alex Turner

On 7/26/05, PFC <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm a little leary as it is definitely a version 1.0 product (it is
> > still using an FPGA as the controller, so they were obviously pushing to
> > get the card into production).
>         Not necessarily. FPGA's have become a sensible choice now. My RME 
> studio
> soundcard uses a big FPGA.
>         The performance in the test doesn't look that good, though, but don't
> forget it was run under windows. For instance they get 77s to copy the
> Firefox source tree on their Athlon 64/raptor ; my Duron / 7200rpm ide
> drive does it in 30 seconds, but not with windows of course.
>         However it doesnt' use ECC so... That's a pity, because they could 
> have
> implemented ECC in "software" inside the chip, and have the benefits of
> error correction with normal, cheap RAM.
>         Well; wait and see...
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