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> Hi,
> I have one customer who is using PostgreSQL 7.4.8 on Linux . He has
> some problems with database mirroring . The details are follows.
> The customer is using Linux on which PostgreSQL 7.4.8 along with Jboss
> 3.2.3 is running . He has 2 servers , one is acting as a live server
> (primary) and another is acting as a fail-over (secondary)  server
> .  Secondary server is placed in remote location . These servers are
> acting as a Attendence server for daily activities . Nearly 50,000
> employees depend on the live server .
> The customer is using DBmirror tool to mirror the database records of
> primary to secondary . The customer is complaining that there is one
> day (24 hours) delay between primary and secondray for database
> synchronization . They have dedicated line and bandwidth , but still
> the problems exists.
> I just want to know , for immediate data mirroring , what is the best
> way for PostgreSQL . PostgreSQL is offering many mirror tools , but
> which one is the best ?. Is there any other way to accomplish the task ?
> Thank you . Waiting for your reply.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Shashi Kanth
> Consultant - Linux
> Onward Novell - Bangalore
> 9886455567

For java based solution you could also have a look at x-jdbc or xjdbc.

But before you should find out what the reason for the delay is
actually. When the backup server is to slow, it may be not important which
mirroring tool you use.

Best Regards / Viele Grüße

Sebastian Hennebrueder


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