Kari Lavikka wrote:
> shared_buffers = 15000          
you can play around with this one but in my experience it doesn't make
much difference anymore (it used to).

> work_mem = 1536                 # min 64, size in KB
this seems low.  are you sure you are not getting sorts swapped to disk?

> fsync = true                    # turns forced synchronization on or
does turning this to off make a difference?  This would help narrow down
where the problem is.

> commit_delay = 80000            # range 0-100000, in microseconds
hm! how did you arrive at this number?  try setting to zero and

> stats_start_collector = true
> stats_command_string = true
with a high query load you may want to consider turning this off.  On
win32, I've had some problem with stat's collector under high load
conditions.  Not un unix, but it's something to look at.  Just turn off
stats for a while and see if it helps.

good luck! your hardware should be more than adequate.


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