Postgres V7.3.9-2.

While executing a query in psql, the following error was generated:

vsa=# select * from vsa.dtbl_logged_event_20050318 where id=2689472;
PANIC:  open of /vsa/db/pg_clog/0FC0 failed: No such file or directory
server closed the connection unexpectedly
        This probably means the server terminated abnormally
        before or while processing the request.
The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed.

I checked in the /vsa/db/pg_clog directory, and the files have monotonically 
increasing filenames starting with 0000.  The most recent names are:

-rw-------    1 postgres postgres   262144 Jul 25 21:39 04CA
-rw-------    1 postgres postgres   262144 Jul 26 01:10 04CB
-rw-------    1 postgres postgres   262144 Jul 26 05:39 04CC
-rw-------    1 postgres postgres   262144 Jul 28 00:01 04CD
-rw-------    1 postgres postgres   237568 Jul 28 11:31 04CE

Any idea why Postgres would be looking for a clog file name 0FC0 when the most 
recent filename is 04CE?

Any help and suggestions for recovery are appreciated.

--- Steve

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